jeudi 2 octobre 2008

We are happy to present "RESURFACE" an award winning, feature–length documentary,
that will be available for screening at the 6th TIDF.

RESURFACE is a touching portrait of a young quadriplegic swimmer during the 2004 Paralympic games of Athens.
Duration: 62' subtitled in English and French.

RESURFACE won three awards, went to several festivals and was screened in one channel already:

Best Direction, 29th Palermo International Sport Film Festival
Greek Film Center Award, 10th Thessaloniki Documentary Festival
Audience Award, 2nd Los Angeles Greek Film Festival

Other Festivals:
1rst Athens Emotion Picture Documentary & Disability Festival
30th Drama International Film Festival
1rst Nicosia International Documentary Film Festival
22nd Parnü International Documentary & Anthropology Film Festival
5th European Film Festival San Antonio
2nd New York Greek Film Festival
10th Patra International Panorama of Independent Film & Video Makers

Doc Market:
9th MEDIMED Sitges, Barcelona

TV Screening:
PRISMA+, National Greek Digital Channel

You can also visit our website:
or visit our facebook group:

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