mercredi 23 avril 2008

We are happy to present "RESURFACE" an award winning, feature–length documentary, at the 2nd Los Angeles Greek Film Festival.

This documentary (67') received the Paladino d'Oro award for best direction (section: Paralympics) at the Palermo Sport Film Festival (Palermo-Italy) in December 2007 and the Greek Film Center award, for best medium-length documentary at the 10th Thessaloniki Documentary Festival (Thessaloniki-Greece) in March 2008.

"RESURFACE" is a touching portrait of a young quadriplegic swimmer during the 2004 Paralympic games of Athens.

Duration: 60' subtitled in English.

"RESURFACE" will be screened at the 2nd Los Angeles Greek Film Festival, saturday, June 28 2008 at 1:00 p.m. at the LINWOOD DUNN THEATRE in Hollywood.


Alex is 25 years old. he was left a quadriplegic after a diving accident four years ago. Since then, he has been swimming competitively. In order to transform his handicap into an opportunity he is participating in the Athens 2004 Paralympic Games. In the swimming-pool, Maria, his coach, is training him harder and harder. She is anxious, and all this pressure makes her very emotional when unexpected situations occur, but she wants to believe in a medal. Alex, on the other hand, is more self-controlled and pragmatic. His family and friends are strongly united around him. Will he win the medal that everyone is hoping for?

RESURFACE 40" trailer

A few words about us

For the past six years we have been working together and we live in France since 1997.

We directed the short documentary The Cell (2004) with Melpo Gavatha, about the refugee neighborhood of Alexandra's avenue in Athens, Greece. The Cell (2004) was presented in Thessaloniki's Documentary Film Festival in 2004. We also worked with Giorgos Avgeropoulos for the TV show Exantas for the reportage Paris 2005, that was also presented in Thessaloniki's Documentary Film Festival in 2006. Our second documentary film Resurface (67’), is the story of Alexandros Taxildaris, a quadriplegic young man, who participates in the Paralympics of Athens in 2004. Resurface was presented in several festivals (Festival Emotion Pictures 2007, Drama Film Festival 2007, Palermo Sport Film Festival 2007). The film was awrded in Palermo for Best direction, also in the 10th Thessaloniki Documentary Festival in 2008, for best medium length documentary from the Greek Film Centre.

We are also working as freelancers for the Ministry of Agriculture in France, and for music labels in Greece and in France..

Since 2002, we are also working as freelance photographers. Our photos were published in several magazines in Europe like Independent (UK), Maison Française (France), Gala (France), Le Moniteur (France), Mezzanine (Russia), Elle Interiör (Sweden), Fraü Im Spiegel (Germany), Lux Deco (Portugal), Status (Greece), Vogue (Greece), Life & Style (Greece), Hello (in a few countries) and several others.

We are also collaborating with the architects Reichen & Robert in Paris.

Alexandre Papanicolaou & Emilie Yannoukou