mercredi 23 avril 2008

We are happy to present "RESURFACE" an award winning, feature–length documentary, at the 2nd Los Angeles Greek Film Festival.

This documentary (67') received the Paladino d'Oro award for best direction (section: Paralympics) at the Palermo Sport Film Festival (Palermo-Italy) in December 2007 and the Greek Film Center award, for best medium-length documentary at the 10th Thessaloniki Documentary Festival (Thessaloniki-Greece) in March 2008.

"RESURFACE" is a touching portrait of a young quadriplegic swimmer during the 2004 Paralympic games of Athens.

Duration: 60' subtitled in English.

"RESURFACE" will be screened at the 2nd Los Angeles Greek Film Festival, saturday, June 28 2008 at 1:00 p.m. at the LINWOOD DUNN THEATRE in Hollywood.

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